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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


EXAMPLE: What is the Advantage of being poor?  Answer: It's very inexpensive!

Sorry about the trite answer, but there really are always benefits to any position one takes in life. It's called Insight Power and with it we can change the useless, unnecessary suffering from within our own self and the way that we see things. This liberates new energy and powers.  With effort, we can always find a different viewpoint, always. The ancients tell us to "Awaken". In other words try to take an original look at your life, your world and your assumptions. This is the look that a child has. As grown-ups, we walk into a familiar room and see nothing in it because we aren't really looking. We can walk around it with our eyes closed; and this is what we do. After a while the world for us becomes usual, mundane because we aren't really seeing it anymore. We need to look again, really look!

Try getting out of your usual little room, get excited, awaken your child within for just a moment. Suppose you have a hard experience, a bitter difficulty to meet. What then do you do? The only thing we can do - pour out the exuberance, the childlike power, your inner wealth, the most that you have, - muster up the courage, faith, love, wisdom, strength, peace of spirit and joy of heart and pour it out. It's there, really. Don't be surprised when you discover that the moment of greatest need is the moment of greatest fulfillment. It's true you know.  Happy Days and Nights to you my friend!   -Patrick
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This Site introduces you to Ideating! Thinking! Beyond the words, the linquistics, the language, is the world of realizations!
I want you to think in a way that liberates your insights, your brilliance, your power to command, influence and lead. This world needs you, your active mind, your whole being, your powers. I see the capabilities in you that you have overlooked. The powers that are sleeping. Some humans think of themself as social outcasts, losers, weak or, at best, as common.
This is never true> You, whoever you are, are a public benefactor, you are a tower of strength, but you will need to learn this, to awaken it, to live it. This is your oeace if mind, your  destiny as heirs of the earth and everything that is in, above and within it! Yes! It's true. Relax & realize that this is true! If it helps, you can E-mail me, but mostly you need to silently feel your inner partially awakened powers. Now, consider the non-reality that you feel as pain, doubts, angers, resentments and what you call your suffering. Send them in thought to me. This is what you must do! Your powers are even now stirring. You know it's true, don't you? Try this and you'll find your powers, your peace, your loving heart and your answers and you'll be free. It really is just that simple.    -Dr. Berryhill  (

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